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Total Hours: 144371.00
Total Flights: 19427
Miles Flown: 21546303nm
Pilots Online: 2
Guests Online: 89
Pilot Recruitment Status: Open
Staff Recruitment Status: Closed

Newest Pilots

Toom MuuradJAL1294
Taeeon ParkJAL1293
Muhammad Didi MuchtarJAL1292


Welcome to Japan Airlines Virtual

Welcome to Japan Airlines Virtual, Virtually Skyward! Our extensive real-operations allows you to feel as a real pilot with Japan Airlines. We began operations in 2007 and we have been growing since then. We operate from four hubs: Tokyo Narita (NRT/RJAA), Tokyo Haneda (HND/RJTT), Osaka Kansai (KIX/RJBB), and Osaka Itami (ITM/RJOO). We operate many different aircraft types going from small Dash 8's and CRJ-200's to large Boeing 787's and 777's. We simulate the operations of Japan Airlines, and its subsidiarie airlines. On top of all we allow flying all codeshare JAL flights. That gives you numerous possibilities of different flights with different aircraft types. We fly on the VATSIM and IVAO networks.

Live Flights

Pilot Flight Number Departure Arrival Status
Kim Tae Hwan JAL1165 RJTT RJCH Taxiing to Runway
Hidetoshi Iwano JLJ1386 RJBD RJTT Arrived
Joshua Silver DAL13 TNCM MKJP Cruising
Peter Chang JAL5638 ZSPD RJNK Descending
Ron Bischof JJP129 RJAA RJFF Arrived
Max Nicely JJP120 RJFF RJAA Taxiing to Gate
Jeff Fox DAL1379 KBHM KATL Initial Approach
Kentaro Akasi WF1405 RJFU RJCC Arrived
Agustine Juarez JAL3083 RJAA RJGG Arrived
Mido Dragunov UAL5238 KDEN CYWG Boarding

JALV Flights Information

Flight # Departure Arrival Duration Pilot Landing Rate
JAL211ROAHRJAA2.03JAL1270 John Lin0
KLM807EHAMRCTP4.47JAL1104 Yoav Babnik0
UAE335OMDBKMIA2.06BAW1113 Luke Fourtanet0
DAL820KSNAKMSP2.55JCA0964 Carlos Canoeiro0
KLM1EHAMEGLL0.54JAL1109 Zulqarnane Ashraf0

12112 - JAL9684 - SBGL to SGAS


Adult Children Infants

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